Berkeley Entrepreneurial Toastmasters - Monday May 20, 2019

6:45 PM Toastmaster of the Day Reno Yeh

6:51 PM Shark Tank MC Open

Explains process.

Shark Tank

6:55 PM Pitch 1 Peter McCluskey

7:00 PM Pitch 2 Nadia Liu

7:05 PM Pitch 3 Sohum Thakkar

7:10 PM Pitch 4 Daniel Barrera

7:15 PM Pitch 5 Brian Coyle

7:20 PM Shark Tank MC recaps pitches, runs investment round.

7:24 PM Everyone takes a turn, stands up, puts their money where they want, and explains why.

7:33 PM Speech 1 Daniel Burfoot

7:40 PM Topics Master Rosie Campbell

7:47 PM General Evaluator Reno Yeh

Introduces Evaluators.

7:48 PM Evaluator Speech 1 Kathy (guest)

7:52 PM General Evaluator asks for reports from the Grammarian, Ah Counter, and Timer.

7:53 PM Ah Counter Open

7:56 PM Body Language Noah (guest)

7:59 PM Grammarian Daniel Burfoot

8:02 PM Timer Open

8:05 PM General Evaluator gives an overall assessment of the meeting.

8:08 PM Humorist Open

8:10 PM VP-Education arranges next weeks roles.

8:13 PM President discusses club business.